Our Mission

Our main objective is treating our clients like family. We don’t consider you just a customer because a customer only comes every once in a while. Don’t get me wrong we love all customers. Don’t you want to feel like a family?Family comes over and opens your door without knocking. Goes in your kitchen and get what they want. They even show up from out of town and spend the night. With Goldmine Dime Inc that’s how you’re treated. Love and Respect. We believe in treating others the way we want to be treated. Did you know that with every bundle you’re investing in will put a Ron Clark School in every major city in the United States. You will receive excellent customer service and everyone is treated like a VIP. When you wear our bundles you will not only look fabulous but you will feel confident enough to secure those “Bags”. You will not feel cheap and confused like the knots and tangles of the hair bundles you’re so used to buying. Look no further if you want to enjoy the luxury of the Rolls Royce of Virgin Remy human hair.

Can you believe this happened to me?

 Hello Beautiful,

Imagine having an event coming up the following month and you have to purchase hair bundles to get the perfect look to go with the new outfit and shoes you have to buy.

Fast Forward to the Sunday of the week of event, everything has arrived except for the bundles. You’ve been calling and emailing them for weeks wondering where you hair is. 

Finally you get an email on Sunday saying, “so sorry shipment is on the way, be patient.”

Now it’s Tuesday and there’s no way the hair is coming on time.

Frantically you call customer service still no answer and send email full of angry words. You’re beyond upset at this point. 

You sit down with your smart phone in hand and you’re on social media sending out distress status updates to all your FB, Instagram, and Snap Chat.

A friend reaches out to you and tells you about GoldmineDime.com they drop ship in 2-3 business days if ordered by 3pm eastern standard time or overnight and you get a discount if sign up and join their membership that you can use right now!

Thursday afternoon when the mail comes the mailman knocks on your door asks for you sign for a package. It’s from goldminedime.com! The hair has come on time as promised. The look and feel of the hair was excellent. Unfortunately for you, the other hair never came. 

I hear, Ms. Kay your prices are just too high! My answer to that statement is, if you insist on purchasing “cheap” bundles from the competitors,  be aware that it’s being gathered from the floor, it’s going to shed and tangle no matter how much you “preserve” it. It’s also sad because you’re actually loosing money. In fact all your “buddies” are talking about how Nappy your looks in the back. They don’t want to say anything because it may hurt your feelings. I will strongly state if you don’t care how you present yourself then this is not for you. No harm no foul. 

Only a small number of people have already received this special invitation, and we fully expect most of them to take immediate advantage of this amazing discount. Of course it takes a very special individual to fully appreciate the value of authentic Human Remy Hair that doesn’t shed or tangle with “too many” haircare products (although our hair doesn’t require a lot). Our hair is the Rolls Royce of hair while the competitors are the Toyota Corolla IM. You may buy it because of the name but when you purchase it you find out why it is so inexpensive. The end result is you’re an unhappy customer.

P.S. We are serious about **💯% satisfaction guarantee***.       If for  any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, just cancel membership within 30 days from the day you joined a membership and send the hair back, and we will issue you a refund right away less the down payment for re-shelving Fee. Please note the hair has to be new, unused and in it’s original packaging all tags still attached ( pretty fair, right?). 

☛You are in good hands! With goldminedime.com. I am proud to say that we have not had one member ask for a refund. We kinda go waaaay above and beyond to satisfy our Diamond Members. They are the heart and soul of goldminedime.com

P.P.S. When you receive your special package please have a box opening ceremony. I know some of you are thinking is this lady crazy, what is a box opening ceremony? It is when your membership box has arrived and before you open it you record it using your smart phone. Post on allgoldminedime.com  social media platform and then email the video to goldminedime@yahoo.com to be put in a drawing for The Best Box Opening Ceremony. 

P.P.P.S. Send us your selfies! When you get your bundles installed take a selfie tag goldminedime and email me the selfie to be put in a monthly drawing to be featured on ALL our Social Media platforms for a week. *For your Birthday send selfie wearing hair and be featured on ALL Social Media Outlets for the day and Special Birthday Shout Out! If you’ve made it this far what is  taking so long to become a Goldmine Dime Diamond.


Kenethia Swanson

President of Goldmine Dime Inc.

Do you hate when…

Hello Gorgeous!

Don’t you hate when you buy hair extensions it’s not true to length? I know I do. That’s sad when you have use the ruler whenever you purchase your hair. Don’t you hate when you use the competitors (Ali Express, ebay, and Amazon) you’re shown a picture of the hair bundles and it doesn’t shed or tangle and full of body and when you receive your bundles it’s the total opposite? Nothing against my competitors with their products but when it comes to hair extensions beware! Those five star reviews are paid for. If you go to the most critical reviews that’s where you’ll find the truth.

Are you afraid to be scammed out of your hard earn money? I would say yes I am. I have purchased many items from on-line and it’s always been a gamble. Why should you believe me? Karma! Yes simply put karma keeps me honest. I believe that whatever you do good or bad you will get it back ten fold. Also I would like to think of us as friends that I will hopefully meet in the future. You my beautiful friend will be amazed with the quality.

I’m writing this blog a week after my birthday. I’m now 44 and life continues to surprise me day after day. I’m still practicing my sew-in techniques. I’m tightening up the bundles every two weeks as needed because the hair is growing. I love the ease not really having to do much work with the hair extensions. I’ve been buying and wearing weave hair extensions for a long time. You can visit my facebook (kenethiaswanson/facebook.com) and you will see the various wigs and hair extensions I’ve worn.

If you could join a special all exclusive membership dictated to hair bundles would you join?

If you got freebies you could actually use would you join?

What if you also received a free gift card would you join?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or one of them send me an email @goldminedime@yahoo.com and I’ll send you more information

P.S. Only members will have access to “The Game is to be Sold not Told” coming to a seminar near you.

Kenethia Swanson

Introduction of my hair extension journey.

Hello, my name is Kenethia S. I’m a U.S. Army Veteran. I served my country for 8 years. I’m a mother of 4 and too many to count that are not mine. I’m called mom a lot from my kids friends. That’s a story for a later date. Right now the journey I’m taking you on is about my hair journey. I’ve sent my hair through a roller coaster of damage and stress that I’m surprised I still have some.

My first experience with hair extensions was at the age of 16. The hairstyle was a pony-tail bob. It was the early nineties Y’all don’t judge. Well, I sported my style for two weeks and then it was old. I shampooed it and the hair no longer looked good so I proceeded to take it out. Unfortunately, for me and my hair, I didn’t know how to get it out and asking my mother was out of the question because she had never had a sew-in. I pulled and tugged and I had no idea that there was a thread in my hair! So I’m super worried about my head and how I looked. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and just started cutting until it finally came out with a nice plug of my real hair! I was mortified to say the lease and I vowed to never wear a sew-in weave again because it was just too much of a hassle to get it out. In truth, I just went back to wearing braids/cornrows to grow my hair in the middle of my head for many years.

It was when I got out of the army that I decided to give sew-ins another try. I’m older and I have a great hair technician and so I can ask her any questions I needed to have answered like how to remove the extensions. Finally, with age and time, I think I know the ins and outs right? Wrong! I don’t know about any of you but I couldn’t always pay to get my hair done so what do I do? I shampoo it and it’s tangled and feels harsh. So I have to take my time and work out the kinks and get it somewhat wearable. All in all, I have to take it out after about a month. Did I add that I was purchasing weave at my local beauty supply store for $75 a bundle? I wanted the best look so I bought the best hair I thought. The only time my hair extensions lasted the entire three months was when my stylist shampooed my hair. So, of course, I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong. So I purchase the same shampoo and conditioner, I even purchased a standing hair dryer. Did anything change? Nope! Fail after fail year after year stylist telling me I bought the wrong hair. I even had a stylist tell me that sometimes beauty supply stores receive bad batches. My first question to her was “every batch week after week?” Then my next question to her was “how can you tell when there is a bad batch?” Her answer to both questions “no” and “you can’t”. Needless to say, I stopped shopping at that store. I found another beauty supply store and changed the brand. This brand was $100 a bundle! So you know all I kept thinking is please just please be a good batch. They all were good batches as long as I didn’t do my hair. Again I took a break from sew-ins.

Fast forward to 2009 and I was introduced to lace-front wigs. There must be a hair god in the land of beauty I thought. I was addicted. I could only purchase the hair through a person who knew a person that sold wigs. 100% human, I could curl it, style it whatever I wanted to do except yep you guess it when I shampooed it. But I didn’t care as long as I got my $200 dollars worth. Every three months I needed a new wig. Life was good until my supplier couldn’t keep up with my demands and demands of other customers. So I had to recycle my wigs. After six months of doing that I noticed my edges where disappearing. I was going bald around the edges of my hairline. My hairline was almost gone! I retired my lace wigs because of the glue usage to lay my wig down. I gave my hair a break for 2 years. When my edges grew back I was introduced to 100% Virgin Remy hair extensions. In my mind, I thinking that if the hair is purchase online then it was legit. I’m also figuring that since it’s coming from China it’s definitely great hair. Once again I’m wrong again.

By now it’s 2018 and I purchased my first and last lace-front wig and I came to the conclusion I’m just going to give up on hair extension forever. I filed for a divorced from all weave and wig extensions and wear my natural hair. As far as I’m concerned there’s no such thing as good hair extensions. I’ve spent over $100,000 over a 27 year period.

Fast forward to the present day and the divorce didn’t last as long as I thought. Can I really call it a divorce or was it just a separation? I was playing a game on my smartphone and was in between advertisements and I saw it like it was talking to me. There was no music playing it was just worded. I read the words and followed the call to action to get more information. I read the information and closed the window and thought no more about it. A couple of weeks later I’m in between advertisements and I see it again. This time I decided to research on YouTube, Google, and The Better Business Bureau. On YouTube, I saw a review and it promised great results. Google took me to the website. The BBB told me the vendor had an A+ rating. Now how is that possible? It is possible when the vendor warehouse is stateside. So with all my new found knowledge on social media research and reviews from hairstylist, customers, and business partners I know I found a goldmine! The deal was sealed when I found out that with every bundle purchased part of the proceeds goes to feed hungry children in Africa. A vendor that gives back doesn’t isn’t common. I felt so confident that this vendor was the real deal that I invested in the business. The quality is so great that it would be a shame to keep it to not share. When my bundles arrived I couldn’t wait to install my hair extensions. I wasted no time and I installed me both of my daughters and my own hair extensions. The hair not only felt soft as a feather, but there was also no extra unnatural silky feel. The true test came when it was time to shampoo. Wait for it… It works! It didn’t tangle or knot up. It still feels light and I didn’t need to “work” it out.

My vendor has restored my faith in hair extensions. My hair looks and feels natural. I’m so in love with my hair extensions. The quality speaks volumes and my love and relationship with my hair extension have been restored like that “old faithful” wig that’s buried deep in the closet and only comes out in emergencies. I have now retired my old faithful emergency wig with confidence.